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Here are some tools for everything you need to help you along with your website in the search engines, get your site indexed in as little as 3 hours, check the pagerank backlinks of other websites.

Free webhosting

Everyone knows that a good website has it's foundations built on good hosting, and with a 6 month free trial of reseller hosting, you can't go far wrong. I am speaking from experience as this is the exact package I use and I have never had a problem with it in 3 years. It is great solid UK hosting and with 6 months free it is a must have if you are always building mini websites or niche websites.

Getting your site indexed

The quickest and easiest way to get your site indexed in the search engines is by posting a link from another website. I recommend posting an informative "advertisment" in the appropriate section if the following websites. Remember - Do not spam these sites with useless rubbish, only use them to get your site indexed.

Sun Local

I have had a website indexed and arrive at the top of google in less than 3 hours by using these websites. Remember to use them correctly and not abuse them, and they will do a good job for you. Don't listen to anyone who says it costs a fee to get indexed in the search engine, they are ripping you off.

Checking your traffic levels and where your traffic is arriving from

This is VERY important and so many people do not implement this on their website. It is imperative that you know where your traffic is coming from, or you will not know what is working, and what is not working. I use Statcounter as it is 100% free and provides me with all the information you will ever need about your traffic etc. Plus it is super easy to install even for a newbie.

Which search engine is most important, and will deliver you the most amount of traffic ?

I get asked all the time which search engine is the best, and my answer is always the same - Google is the ruler. The other search engines do have their place, but from an experiment I carried out recently (read about this here), I found that over 90% of the traffic was coming from Google so therefore it is the most important one to target in my opinion.

Keyword research

Keyword research plays a vital role in the success or failure of your website. Failing to target or identify the keywords with traffic behind them, will mean your website will fail. The google traffic estimator is an excellent source to check keywords and the estimated traffic that they receive. Make sure you always choose the EXACT match option as this will show you the amount of people searching for the EXACT keyword as opposed to a broad range of variations.

Checking incoming links and pagerank

If you want to look at the amount of incoming links your website (or someone elses website) has, then use Check page rank as this will show you the pagerank of the website (and if it is a genuine pagerank or fake pagerank) plus it will also show you the incoming links too.

This should help you out further, if anyone has any suggestions for tools or inclusion on this list then please contact me.

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