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Worlds biggest brands

would you recognise these guys as the worlds biggest brand ?

The worlds biggest brand creators - do you recognise them ?

Ok something that I read a while back, struck me as very important about the internet and the rate at which it is growing.

So many of the world's biggest brands are instantly identifiable by almost every one - Coca Cola, Microsoft, Marlboro and Nokia are just a few of the brands which pretty much everyone will have heard of.

Now if I show you below the list of the most powerful world brands in 2008, maybe you will see how much of an important part the internet plays in the 21st century -

1 Google £43.0 bn

2 GE (General Electric) £35.7 bn

3 Microsoft £35.4 bn

4 Coca-Cola £29.1 bn

5 China Mobile £28.6 bn

6 IBM £27.7 bn

7 Apple £27.6 bn

8 McDonald's £24.7 bn

9 Nokia £22.0 bn

10 Marlboro £18.6 bn

Yes that is right - Google is number 1 ! The creators of google - Sergey Brin and Larry Page started the "unknown" brand just over 10 years ago, as Google only recently (September 7th 2008) turned 10 years old. It is the youngest brand and yet the most successful !

This solidifies further, that being included in the Google search engine is becoming more and more of a necessity to businesses who wish to gain the most traffic to their websites, as Google is becoming THE place for your business to be included in, as it's "brand" is growing every second of the day.

In the UK alone, it is estimated (and proven by my own findings) that almost 90% of internet users, use Google to search for whatever they are looking for.

In my own opinion, it is obviously common sense that being part of Google's search engine will play a big part in how successful your business will be in the future. There are so many old school businesses who do not realise how powerful the internet and Google can be to their business.

Whichever way you look at it - Google is the future and the quicker you try and be part of it, the better for you and your business.

To put it into laymans terms, if 90% of people are searching for a product or service by using Google - then surely you would want to be found by this 90% of internet users ?

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